The Gift that lasts all year…

Church life costs – from the craft children learn through and the refreshments we enjoy, to the staff team we value and the buildings we use.

  • We give because we don’t want the cost to be met by just a few.
  • We give because it’s good for us, too – generosity makes a spiritual difference.
  • We give because it makes a significant difference to All Souls, transforming lives and local communities.
  • …and most of all we give because it’s one important way of responding to God’s generosity towards us.

The health of All Souls depends on givers regularly considering whether they could give more, both to pick up some of the responsibility from those who move away or whose personal circumstances change and also to make possible new life and ministry. If you’re giving already, would you consider an increase this year?

How to Give

Information for donors.
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Where the money comes from.
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