Vision & Values


Here are some things that we hope define us as a church:

Community – All Souls is a local church, committed to the well-being of the communities around it and from which which we are drawn.
Family – We are here for people of every generation, at every stage of life, from birth to old age.
Welcome – Church is a great place to find that God welcomes all with the life-changing love we find in Jesus.
Hope – All Souls exists to bring hope, as we invite people to be open to the Good News of Jesus as God’s Spirit brings courage, joy and change to ordinary lives.
Worship – As we find ourselves loved by God, we want to love him back, not just with our Sunday singing and prayer, but on Monday mornings and through the week too.


All Souls is a Church of England parish in the Kensington Episcopal Area of the Diocese of London.

The current congregation grew from a fresh “plant” into the church building in 2000 that was done at the invitation of the then Bishop of Kensington. The majority of the team came from our parish neighbours, St. Stephen’s, East Twickenham. Their aim was to bring new life to the parish and to make it, once again, a parish church, serving the local communities in Jesus’ name.

A group of around 50, together with the previous curate of St Stephens and a small team of leaders, helped reinvigorate the church.

All Souls is now a thriving community made up of people from all ages and backgrounds the majority of whom live locally in the parish.