Seth Godin again (can’t help myself – just so much good stuff there), this time with a post called How big is your red zone?

Does this snippet (worth reading the rest, as ever) remind you of anything?

The first

[pink part of the graph] shows how much joy someone gets out of an activity. Over time, as we discover new things and get better at it, our satisfaction increases… The second [red] graph shows the hassle of that same activity…

That zone on the left, the red zone, is the gap between the initial hassle and the initial joy. My contention is that the only reason we ever get through that gap is that someone on the other side (the little green circle) is rooting us on, or telling us stories of how great it is on the other side.

That in itself sets me off the in the direction of Hebrews 12:2 (“…for the joy set before him..”) – where the writer calls on us to “Fix our eyes on Jesus…” – the one who is (in Seth’s words) “rooting us on, or telling us stories of how great it is on the other side”.

That’s enough in itself, perhaps, but there’s something more in the blog post:

Every successful product or passion is either easy to get started on or comes with a built-in motivator to keep you moving until you’re in. This is so easy to overlook, because of course you’re already in…

In other words, we easily forget both our role, as followers of Jesus, in walking alongside those who are exploring faith for the first time – and we ‘easily overlook’ just how hard it can be to get started. We miss plenty of things – how difficult church is to ‘get into’, how odd prayer feels, how strange worship looks – because we’re “already in”.