One Sunday in November we held our ‘Hope for Creation’ day. Some of us made a pledge to do our bit in caring for God’s creation. We recently sent out a survey to find out who had kept their pledge. The results provide a quick snapshot of how we’re responding to the challenge of trying to live more sustainable lives

From a congregational Sunday average of over 100 adults in January nearly a quarter of you (24%) responded to the survey. Thank you!

11 of the respondents (about 10% of those in church on an average Sunday) said they had already taken action on the Hope for Creation pledge. Actions included energy saving ideas like insulating the loft, putting in double glazing, using the bike more, as well as ideas to help wildlife, including planting a native hedge in the garden. The survey showed:

  • 80% of respondents are trying to make sustainable choices as part of their everyday life
  • 80% think caring for the environment is part of Church life rather than separate from it
  • 80% said we could be doing more as a Church to protect the environment
  • 80% are willing to do or say more or said that it has made you think

One person said; ‘I’d like to see the church community doing more through an increased understanding of our shared responsibility to protect God’s planet’. Another commented; ‘doing more needs to fit with other priorities (like mission in our community).’

Our challenge now as a church community is how we can live more sustainably as an integral part of the way we live, connected to every other aspect of our lives as Christians…

Do get in touch with any comments or suggestions below.

Also watch this space for more information on what you can do to support Earth Hour next Saturday 31th March at 8.30pm