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  • [Fruit of the Spirit]: Joy
    Joe talks joy. Not momentary euphoria from fulfilled desires but the deep, bubbling well spring of certainty that comes from knowing what has been accomplished on the cross and the kingdom that is coming. The disciples' joy defied their circumstances - some suffering martydom - and this fruit of the spirit is grown in us, […]
  • [Fruit of the Spirit]: Love
    In the first of a new sermon series Rachel talks about knowing the love of God ourselves and becoming more like our heavenly father as we lavishly demonstrate love for others - this is what will make the world sit up and look.
  • [restart]: What unites us?
    We finish our series looking at Jesus priorities in the early part of his ministry as we consider what unites us as his people.
  • [restart]: Luke 24:13-32 Share your story - how are you doing?
    Joe looks at the invitation in this passage to look back to help you look forward. What would be your dream invitation? For those on the road to Emmaus they were encouraged to recount what had happened, reflect on what it meant and realise who walked alongside them and the hope that was theirs. Jesus […]
  • [restart]: Mark 2:23-3:6 Patterns of life and extended margins of rest
    Joe starts with snowdays to ease us into today's reflections on the rhythm of work/life God intended - what is "sabbath" all about? Jesus starts with the heart; the religious leaders love laws - conflict is inevitable. Jesus poses the "what's lawful?" question and suggests "stretch" to challenge the moral basis for authority. Jesus was […]