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  • Great commission
    Richard challenges us to live out being under authority. He takes us back to the reality at the end of Matthew's gospel when some worshipped, some doubted and Jesus expected them to go and make disciples. To live our best lives we need to obey.
  • [Prayer]: yield
    Joe concludes this series by recognising the struggle we all have embracing another's rule. Given all the needs in the world and your limited time to pray what makes your list? Do we race through asks, generalise or prioritise (knowing there will be gaping gaps)? From personal experience of running out of words Joe reflects […]
  • Breakfast
    Maf compares the spans of the gospels to open this week's talk and highlights that John's starts before the foundation of the world and ends with breakfast - Jesus welcoming friends. With references to Wordle, Nerdle and Her Majesty the Queen Maf unpicks symbolic meanings hidden for all of us within that final fellowship meal.
  • [Prayer]: ask
    Joe points to Pete Grieg whose book we've been using as a guide. Pete points to Jesus who taught his disciples how to pray and to keep on praying. From tales of a persistent widow to a grumpy judge we are encouraged not to give-up. Joe retells Pete's story of a troublesome mosquito cloud and […]
  • [Prayer]: rejoice
    We start with Psalm 57 then progress to Joe quoting Frankenstein's monster as we recognise prayer builds relationship. The opening line of the Lord's prayer gives us context as we orient ourselves - we need to stand in awe and rejoice that we are encouraged to treat him as "Daddy". We are God's beloved and […]