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  • [Soul keeping]: The soul's needs in the dark
    Hannah addresses our struggling souls and encourages us to listen for God's breath in the darkness. She takes us back to the 16th century and Brother Juan's "Dark night of the soul" and his commitment to love and worship God, despite one's circumstances. We are being guided by God even in times of his apparent […]
  • [Soul keeping]: Gal. 5: 13-25 The soul needs freedom
    Joe starts with a selection of unpopular opinions (e.g. "Monday is the best day of the week")to position today's talk. He then unpacks Paul's letter to the Galatian church to help them (and us) understand what freedom from the law is for - not to indulge but to serve. Applying willpower tries to break us […]
  • [Soul keeping]: The soul needs a future
    On Remembrance Sunday Rachel reminds us that as we live in the troubles of "now" and "not yet" there will be a time when our joy is complete. Our God, outside of history, sees the lives we go through often crying out "Why Lord?". Drawing from the book of Ecclesiastes she finds God makes everything […]
  • [Soul Keeping]: The soul needs blessing
    Dan Bowring takes a look at what it means for the soul to need blessing, and challenges us to find ways to bless others in our daily lives.
  • [Soul keeping]: The soul needs rest
    Beginning with his own university experiences of cramming and fatigue Joe delves into the soul's need for rest. All of us are made in the image of God and that includes furthering his creation in our culture - go to work! - and also includes the balance of rest; it is good, purposeful and to […]