Getting married in church

Everyone who lives in All Souls’ parish can be married in the church. If you’re not sure, you can check here. You may also be married here if you have another ‘qualifying connection’ – for example, the fact that you were baptised here as a baby, or perhaps your parents were married here. The law is a little complicated on this, so do ring the church office to speak to the vicar, Richard Frank (020 8891 6820).

If you need to check whether you live in our parish (one of the “qualifying connections”), then please see this map of our parish boundary.

If either of you are divorced then there is not automatic right to be married in church, but there is a possibility. Weddings are provided in exceptional situations, we will be happy to talk to you about this.

Below you’ll see some photos from recent weddings here at All Souls – it’s a lovely venue and a great place to set your commitment to one another in the context of prayer and God’s blessing.

There is a charge for the service which the office will be able to send you details of.

Do be in touch to talk the possibilities through.