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  • [Reset]: Do you love me?
    Joe starts this Summer series with a reminder of our imperfections and the opportunities we have to press the reset button and try again. Today's passage is a reset for Simon Peter, after his thrice denial, with the simple and deep encouragement to "follow me". Joe encourages us to similarly reflect and restart.
  • [Gathered]: Now but not yet
    Joe recaps the series so far, lays out post Summer intentions and revisits what it means to be Jesus in our today. What's the point of a one-off act if it doesn't change the big picture? Joe looks at gun crime in the US - including this short video: - to see one radical […]
  • [Gathered]: Peter points to Jesus
    Joe shares two tales from his week (involving a toffee latte and a hit-and-run incident) to relate to Peter's encounter with a lame man and a consequent crowd. After a quick recap of the "Gathered" series so far Joe highlights how Peter - once fearful of a mob - seized an opportunity to point people, […]
  • [Gathered]: Look out for each other
    Rachel goes back to questions in Genesis to consider our relationships with God and each other and mentions how in Exodus answers were encapsulated in the 10 commandments. She then zips us forward to Acts 2 and the power at Pentecost - when Jesus's vine of relationships accelerated outwards into a new community of believers […]
  • [Gathered]: Acts 2 - part 3
    Joe continues the series with part 3 of 'Gathered' - looking at what lessons we can learn from the early church in thebook of Acts.