Alpha_Logo_2Did you know that, should you live to the age of 70 (and most of us will live even longer), you’ll have spent:

  • 20 yrs, 3 mo. Asleep
  • 10 yrs, 5 mo. Watching TV
  • 7 yrs, 6 mo. Eating & Drinking

… so how about giving just 12 Sunday afternoons and one Saturday (on the Weekend Away) of your life thinking and talking about ‘Life, the Universe, God… and Everything!’ with our Overground Alpha course.

Perfect for long-time followers of Jesus, anyone wondering about Confirmation and/or Baptism, newcomers to church and people with plenty of questions.

Led by our Overground Team, including Richard, Catherine, Jon, Jez, Kate, Karl Helen and Charles.

Watch the trailer below to get a taste of the video input we’re going to use – each week has about 20 minutes of great video input and lots of time and space to think, talk and debate about the big questions raised.

September & October

  • Sept 4th – Is There More to Life than This?
  • 11th – Who is Jesus?
  • 18th – Why Did Jesus Die?
  • 25th – How Can I Have Faith?
  • Oct 2nd – Why and How Do I Pray?
  • 9th – Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
  • 16th – How Does God Guide us?
  • 30th – Who is the Holy Spirit?

Weekend Away – Saturday 6th November

  • What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
  • How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?
  • How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?

November & December

  • 13th – How Can I Resist Evil?
  • 20th – Why and How Should I Tell Others?
  • 27th – Does God Heal Today?
  • Dec 4th – What about the Church?

Sunday 11th December, 3pm – Baptism, Confirmation & Communion with Bishop Graham