Part of the mess of our world is our dis-location from the land beneath our feet, especially in urban ‘western’ culture. We’ve lost our sense of dependence on- responsibility for- and delight in- the earth. Tomatoes grow on shelves, and will always be there, wrapped safely in cellophane. Our journeys are on tar and tracks, the world filtered through windows.

If Jesus came to restore our relationships, including with Creation, then we can point to his Kingdom by rediscovering the land beneath Twickenham:

Run Barefoot

Tender, could we learn
once more to run
as lovers
landing soft
with tender feet?

To take off our shoes
and run barefoot to
trust our toes
and sift the sand
sense the stones and
take the shred, the bruise and cut
to feel the red soil pulse again
and run as our ancestors ran
so light on earth’s dust skin;
the beginning of some sweet recovery
and the shedding
of more than shoes,
the softening
of more than tread.

By Ian Adams.

Go on, take your shoes and socks off, go outside, and feel the earth beneath your feet!