the-big-shiftThe Big Switch

This week’s action is a very practical one. As Christians we are called to care for the earth and to love our neighbours. There is perhaps no greater issue affecting our earth, our neighbours and indeed ourselves than climate change.

Ash Wednesday saw the launch of the Big Church Switch, a campaign by Tearfund, Christian Aid and Cafod to encourage both churches and individuals to switch to using clean and renewable energy. The campaign hopes to encourage thousands of Christians to switch energy suppliers and to encourage their churches to do the same.

‘Power stations generate around one-quarter of all the UK’s emissions of the gases that cause climate change, so shifting to electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind and solar will send a strong signal to governments and businesses that churches are prepared to lead the way and that renewables rather than fossil fuels are the future.’
Big Church Switch press release

What to do?

The Big Switch has done the hard work investigating and recommending only those energy companies which offer a 100% renewable electricity tariff, and who source the majority of their total energy supply (over 80%) from renewables.

You can register your interest to find out more (with no initial commitment) and have all your questions answered on The Big Switch website. Please do tell us if you decide to switch and if you’ve already done so.

We’re going to investigate switching for church and it would be great if we could all do this together.

A new initiative responding to the Christian community’s concern around climate change will see thousands of people across the UK encouraged to switch their homes and churches to electricity from renewable sources…

Read more via the link below to the Tearfund and Christian Aid press release

Press Release, Tearfund
Go to the Big Church Switch website to find out more…
Tell us if you’ve already switched to renewable energy!