Joshua, Asha & Richard

Joshua, Asha & Richard

Joshua Opondo works full time for the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Maseno South, Kisumu in Kenya and is one of those we support financially and in prayer through Soul Connections.

Joshua’s role is to head up mission and ministry work amongst ‘young people’ – thought of as those between 13 and 35! He coordinates all the youth work within the Diocese, covering 37 Parishes, 9 Deaneries, 3 Arch-Deaconries, as well as the many schools and colleges sponsored by the Anglican church.

The Diocese is a very poor one and has no finance to employ Joshua, so he relies on the giving of external churches and individuals. All Souls, through the Soul Connections budget, provides £1,800 per annum towards his work.

Joshua’s vision is to see a mature youth department committed to “holistic mission” based on the Apostolic faith in Jesus Christ with the ability to empower Gods people, especially the youth.

His day-to-day work ranges from running youth events in schools, organising missions, training leaders as well as counselling and working with individuals, often in extreme need.

Work is progressing on the setting up of the separate charity for the youth work in Maseno South. It is going to be called Potters Youth Ministries and has the stated objectives of:

  • To build up young people in the knowledge of the Christian faith, the wordof God being the Foundation.
  • To develop networks with other Anglican provinces, churches and other organizations and institutions with sound Christian doctrine in Kenya and abroad.
  • To empower young people to live responsibly and meaningful lives morally, socially, economically and politically.
  • To ensure that there is a sustainable and functional potter’s youth ministries office at all levels as well as using our programs to reach out the youths in the educational institutions
  • To work towards supporting the minority within the communities.

We’ll next be publicly praying for Joshua in the Sunday services on 20th May 2012.