Here’s the low-down on Sunday children’s groups for the rest of 2011 (September 11th onwards) – and into 2012…

Groups and Rooms

We’ve made some big changes to how we group our children’s agegroups – and also to where they meet. There are now more than 170 children on in our groups who come regularly – that’s quite a challenge for our halls… and our team of volunteers. A great challenge to have!

Here’s how things are working:

…or in text form:

  • Baby & toddler : AM – Crèche in Main Hall :: PM – self-help Crèche in Main Hall
  • ~2 to pre-Nursery : AM – Explorers in Main Hall :: PM – Stars in Stage Room
  • N & R : AM – Gems in Stage Room :: PM Stars in Stage Room
  • 1 & 2 : AM/PM – Movers in Small Hall
  • 3-6 : AM/PM – Groovers in Studio (yr 7+ as well in AM)
  • 7+ : PM – Underground… in the Underground!

Check in on arrival at church!

All babies, children and teenagers will need their check-in card before going to their groups.

  • If they’ve been before and are registered, they’ll have one waiting for them each week.
  • New children will need you to fill one in for them at the Children’s Check-in Desk at the back of church.