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When you're already in

Seth Godin again (can't help myself - just so much good stuff there), this time with a post called How big is your red zone? Does this snippet (worth reading the rest, as ever) remind you of anything? The first [pink part of the graph] shows how much joy someone [...]

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Fiery and Sweet

Ever since college, I've been drawn back repeatedly to the liturgy of Celebrating Common Prayer that comes out of the Society of Saint Francis. Here's a wonderful prayer that stands as the Collect for Friday Midday prayer which I've just used to give a bit of 'punctuation' to an otherwise [...]

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When winning the argument loses

Dilbert - as so often - hits a painful nail on the head with one of his long-running 'Dilbert on a date' gags: ...a classic case of winning the argument (potentially), but (certainly) losing the relationship. None of us like to be wrong and simply telling people that what they [...]

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Keeping Small?

One of the more offbeat (and deliberately controversial) technology blogs is by the wonderfully named Robert X. Cringely. His comments on technology, innovation and the internet are often way outside my sphere of (even vague) "expertise" (or even interest for that matter), but this post from his blog was quite [...]

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Hearing our own voices?

A quick post to point you to a great article well worth investing a few minutes in if you've any interest in how faith interacts with culture - films, in particular. Krish Kandiah has the thoughtful piece called Hollywood and the Holy Word over on his blog. He helps unpack [...]

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Staple yourself to a visitor?!

Alan Webber writes an entertaining and thought-provoking blog off the back of his bestseller Rule of Thumb. He wonders aloud today about the intractable nature of the big social problems of our day ('childhood obesity' being one example he cites) and recalls: ...a terrific Harvard Business School article that I [...]

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What do Churchwardens do?

In honour of David Rowe's retirement (after nearly ten years!) as one of our Churchwardens - and Cath Davies taking up the reins, alongside Deborah Warne - the wonderful Helene Parry (who moonlights as our PCC Secretary-in-a-hat as well!) made a fabulous card based on the official CofE 'job description'... [...]

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Reasons to vote

I preached on Sunday about How (& why) Christians should (& must!) vote. I really like this "Top Ten Reasons to Vote" from a book (and blog) by Krish Kandiah and posted as a pdf on the Evangelical Alliance website: Voting publicly recognizes that we submit to the authority of [...]

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