Dear Friends
We have had several people ask us about a young woman who has started regularly asking for money outside All Souls church.  It is a mark of the quality of our local community that so many have been concerned.
It would not be appropriate for us to share any personal details about the lady concerned, but I would like to reassure you that we are attempting to support her by being in direct contact with the Richmond Housing Department, Social Services, SPEAR and the Safer Neighbourhood Team.
It is our understanding that this woman has been offered considerable support over some time that should mean she has no need to be on the streets. Hers is a complex situation and professionals have expressed a concern to us that giving her cash, though done out of compassion and concern, may actually make her situation worse.
We are committed to this person’s well-being and will continue to assist her in any appropriate way she is willing to accept.
I do hope you will feel free to contact me (07931533581 or if you have any comments or concerns.
Richard Frank (Vicar)
15th November 2019