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Tongue Tied?

Talking about our faith can be hard - especially when we're not sure how to express it or deal with difficult questions. Ruth Bushyager, a member of All Souls and an ordained member of the Bishops Staff Team, helps us think through the issues...

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Reading Romans

A chance to digg into the Book of Romans over four weeks, with opportunity for worship and prayer too - led by Charles on Wednesday evenings.

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Corporate Storytelling

A double reason for this post - first a new presentation tool that shows Powerpoint (and its imitators) up for being the stuck-in-the-mud creativity-squisher it really is. It's called Prezi and I'm aching to preach using it... hmmm... In the meantime, though, their showcase of presentations includes this take on [...]

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When winning the argument loses

Dilbert - as so often - hits a painful nail on the head with one of his long-running 'Dilbert on a date' gags: ...a classic case of winning the argument (potentially), but (certainly) losing the relationship. None of us like to be wrong and simply telling people that what they [...]

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