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  • [Unleashed - the Holy Spirit and the Church]: Looking forward
    Starting with 27 tornadoes Donna questions how we pivot toward a new normal in the context of a mid-pandemic world. Church for us is going to be a rediscovery of what it means to be a powerful, purposeful presence in our community. The building might still be closed but the church moves on, in the same […]
  • [Lament & Hope]: An attitude of the heart
    Rachel reflects on how God helps us turn from sorrow to lament to hope just by turning to him rather than away. God is not scared by our emotions and welcomes our honesty - Rachel reminds us of how we respond to angry children and how much more ready God is to scoop us into […]
  • [Lament & Hope]: Psalm 13: A roar of authenticity
    Donna questions why we hide things from God. She shares from her own life a tale of how authenticity with avocado helped pivot her relationship with her godparents. She also reflects on how Job's searing honesty before God is an expression of the relationship depth he'd established - contrary to external appearances.
  • [Lament & Hope]: Life in a broken world - be still my soul
    Tim uses a comedian's imaginary visit to a fortune teller last year to open this sermon. He speaks of the upheaval that coronavirus has wrought on our society and how lament is an appropriate response (as well as humour) to our changed circumstances. He invites us to open up, to others and to God, with […]
  • [The Lord's Table]: Isaiah 58: Seeing, not stepping over
    Jamie looks forward to a time when there is nothing we can do for Jesus other than acknowledge he is Lord. But for now, we have the opportunity to "act justly, love mercy, walk humbly" and demonstrate our transformation through how we act toward those we encounter day by day.