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  • [Everyday faith]: Col. 3:12-24 Whatever you do, put on love
    Rachel breezes through the different cultural context of the Colossians and focuses on the consistent principle of being 24/7 mindful of doing all for God. She reflects on how our trivial chores can all be seen as creating order and beauty to help others... a reason to be passionate about what we do in everyday […]
  • [Everyday faith]: Genesis 28:10-22 Awakening and response
    Do you have a "holy place"? Somewhere the gap between us and ultimate reality seems thinner... Richard considers the moments when we are aware of the God who is all around us - in waking life and in dreams. From personal experiences (including one featuring a giant spider(!)) he helps us understand how to appreciate God's […]
  • [Everyday faith]: 1 Peter 1:1-2 All the difference in the World
    Richard introduces the topic of everyday faith and what persistent difference it makes. Comparing to temporary trends he talks about how being known, loved, forgiven and transformed is more than a "that's nice, dear" phase in anybody's life - rather we are blessed to be a blessing and scattered throughout the World to make a […]
  • [Walk in the light]: 1 John 3:21-4:6 Responding to epiphany
    In the first sermon of the new decade Donna encourages us all to resolve to reconnect in 2020. Comparing Jesus to chocolate(!) she explains how by listening and learning, we will want more and our courage will rise as we realise the peace, purpose and joy ahead of us.
  • Isaiah 11:1-10 Celebrating the right thing
    Rachel ponders this enigmatic passage and draws out its implications for us now. She explains how Jesus is all over the Old Testament and points out his presence in today's reading - highlighting his qualifications (the spirit), performance (justice) and results (security).