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  • [Relevant Faith?] What's my Glory and Joy?
    1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13. Richard looks at Paul's claim that the Thessalonians are his 'glory and joy', and asks what those things might be for each of us.
  • [Relevant Faith?] Audience of One
    Richard continues our series in 1 Thessalonians, looking at Paul's authenticity in Chapter 2, something which came from his complete security in the One opinion that matters.
  • [Relevant Faith?] Sticks and stones...
    Ben Evans continues our series from 1 Thessalonians, thinking about what it means to use our words in a Godly way.
  • [Relevant Faith?] Introduction
    Richard introduces our series in 1 Thessalonians, as think afresh about how we integrate our faith with every aspect of what we do.
  • Advent - Isaiah 40
    Jez takes us into the season of advent, looking at the challenge, amidst all our fears, to wait for a God who is worth waiting for.