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  • [Unstoppable]: Dealing with trouble
    Donna sums up the last 6 months as "loss" (of loved ones, of direction, of freedoms) and "gain" (identifying with those around us and demonstrating love for our community in practical ways). She considers the "what could of/should of/would of" what ifs that we all ponder from time-to-time which risk dragging us down... But, using […]
  • Fresh perspectives on the familiar
    Bishop Graham uses the book of Jude to remind us to "build ourselves up" as the Covid wilderness stretches ahead. He draws out 4 themes - seeding prayer in the rhythm of daily life, keeping in the love of God, looking forward to our inevitable ends and comforting others - and encourages us to keep […]
  • Unstoppable conversions
    Donna relates ancient (Paul) and modern (Shane) tales of conversion when people looked to Jesus to turn their lives around. All Christians have a story - whether a dramatic moment or dawning realisation - that makes them unstoppable in their determination to be led and to follow.
  • [Unleashed - the Holy Spirit and the Church]: Acts 13: beyond huddling
    On her last Sunday at All Souls Fi reflects on her own transformation from dissatisfied atheism to God-connected to geared up to go. She looks back on how Barnabas and Paul recognised that if Christianity isn't for everyone it isn't for anyone. They left their "bubble" and went overseas to share their experiences and our […]
  • [Unleashed - the Holy Spirit and the Church]: Radical inclusion
    Dan talks about 'ians and the identity the first Christians developed for being followers of Christ - regardless of their varied backgrounds. Having a church welcome Gentiles as well as Jews was radical in its time - diversity and inclusion from the get go - as Jesus modelled throughout his life on earth. Whether kings […]