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  • [Letters from prison]: {PARTIAL} Phil. 3:4-14 Are you feeling joyful?
    Prayers and the first few minutes of today's sermon when Richard reflects on the differences between deep joy and mere happiness.
  • [Letters from prison]: Phil. 2:14-30 Be torchbearers
    Following Jon leading prayer according to the PRAY mnemonic, Fi encourages us not to grumble over the niggles of life but to shine like stars. She uses "Chariots of Fire" and an actual Olympic torch to lead us to reflect on how Paul faced up to the reality. He experienced sorrow and anxiety but focussed […]
  • [Letters from prison]: Phil. 2:5-13 Hand in hand with God
    With reference to the D-day landings as an example of inevitable victory Richard considers "How am I to live now?". He looks to Jesus and how he humbled himself in obedience before being exalted. Though we are sure one day all will be under Jesus he challenges us to work hard at our salvation, recognising […]
  • [Letters from prison]: Phil. 1:27-2:11 Church unity
    Rachel considers motivations for and the meaning of church unity. With references to Pope Francis, Paul and Brexit she reflects on the challenges of unity and how Christ's servanthood provides a model for us to follow.
  • [Letters from prison]: Joy in the midst of suffering
    Richard considers why Paul was so joyful given his circumstances, concluding that his confidence in Christ helped him see reality - knowing not what the future holds, but knowing who holds the future.