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  • [Servant songs]: Isaiah 61 and Luke 4 Imagine sitting in the synagogue
    Rachel teaches from these two passages, highlighting just how controversial Jesus' reading of Isaiah 61 was as he showed how God chose Gentiles - a widow and a military leader - to bless and to be blessed by Israel.
  • [Servant songs]: Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12 Job description for a suffering hero
    Richard challenges us to see God in the ordinary. He takes us from modern comicbook superheroes to the ancient book of Isaiah and examines just how ordinary Jesus was foretold to be as well as how he would spectacularly plunge into the heart of our suffering to rescue us.
  • [Servant songs]: Isaiah 50:4-11 Hope for a weary World
    Richard compares Isaiah's words to those of a doctor and a recruitment consultant. The doctor pointing out symptoms (you're in exile(!)), providing diagnosis (you've turned your back on God(!)) and being honest (you risk losing your identity...). The recruitment consultant laying out a job description for God's servant (to bring God's hope to a broken […]
  • [Servant songs]: Isaiah 49:1-6 Role of the servant
    Steve Walton looks at the servant's role from three perspectives - the author's, Jesus's and ours. Using examples from modern (waiters needing to pay more attention) to ancient (the Roman centurion who was first to recognise Jesus for who he is after his death) we are encouraged to reflect on Israel's, Christ's and our own […]
  • [Servant songs]: Isaiah 42 The servant of the Lord
    Richard introduces a five session series on "servant songs" and considers three big questions relating to reality, judgement and hope. He sets Isaiah's message in context and explains how the prophet provides clarity and perspective - then (2,500 years ago) and now - appealing to us to live with joyful freedom within God's purposes.