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  • [restart]: Mark 1: 35-39 Margin time
    Joe pulls us into the value of silence and solitude to connect with God. He considers this "blink and you've missed it" story in Mark and how Jesus deals with others' expectations - rather than being led by them he pivots based on God's leading. So, what happens in the wilderness? Jesus intentionally creates margin […]
  • [restart]: Mark 1: 9-15 Remembering who we are
    Joe takes us back to the basics in Mark 1 - who is Jesus? Who are we? What are we called to do today? We are not what we do, what we have or what others think of us - rather our identity is defined by our relationship to God. Before we return to our […]
  • [restart]: Mark 1: 1-8 Known by his name
    In his first sermon as vicar of All Souls, Joe (Reverend Sellers) goes to the first verse of Mark and looks at who Jesus is and how we (Christians) are now known by his name - followers of Christ. From pondering the past, present and future impact of the pandemic to fundamental questions of identity […]
  • [Parables - the power of story telling]: Foundations
    Tim looks back on the stories we have heard during this series and challenges us, as Jesus challenged his listeners, to make links between the stories and our experiences - who do we relate to? What is there for us to learn? He "just adds water" to the final tale to compare the experiences of […]
  • [Parables - the power of story telling]: Extending an invitation
    Hannah unpacks the familiar tale of a wedding feast where those originally invited make their excuses whilst former outsiders suddenly find themselves honoured guests - everyone is welcome (just as they are), the downcast and diminished are honoured, and a feast (not just a morsel) awaits - we need to accept the invite, encourage others […]