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  • [Get Connected]: Prayer as a gift
    Richard explains why prayer should be treated as a gift (rather than a duty or a skill) to help us put the pieces of our lives together and join in with God "in his name". He takes us from inappropriate prayers - e.g. for an open top, racing green Aston Martin - to being regularly […]
  • [Get Connected]: Phil. 4: 4-9 A healthy Christian life
    Richard works backwards through this passage, chewing over what it means to live a healthy Christian life amidst a YouTube generation. He exhorts us to: emulate wisely, think deliberately, pray confidently and rejoice constantly; celebrating what we know to be true.
  • [Get Connected]: Rom. 8: 15-27 Prayer without words
    Rachel compares wordless prayers from a heart of flesh with wordy prayers from a heart of stone. In a world where we are "bombarded by words" she encourages us to appreciate the value of a "symphony of sighs" with God sensitising us to know him as father, know there is hope and enabling us to […]
  • [Get Connected]: Heb. 4:14-5:3 Pray with confidence
    With elaborate imagery from mingling with rugby superstars to an entitlement to enter Ronnie Scott's Richard explains how, through Jesus, we have confidence to draw near to God in prayer.
  • [Get Connected]: Rev 21 Remembrance Sunday
    Holding both a bible and a newspaper, Richard reflects on the reality of living in a broken world and exhorts us to pray in the context of the cross. From pulling out charred remains from burning tanks and the destruction of ongoing conflicts he points us to the anticipation in the book of Revelation that […]