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  • Acts 4 - A Resilient Faith
    Acts 4 - A Resilient Faith by allsoulschurch
  • Acts 26
    Jez looks at how, by giving up his assumptions, his agendas, and even his very life, Paul was so full of joy that he could stand, jangling his prisoner's chains, and say 'I wish you could get to be more like me'.
  • Acts 20: Paul's Farewell to the Ephesian Elders
    Richard looks at the way Paul describes the essence of the gospel in his farewell to the elders of Ephesus, drawing out the fundamental ideas of repentance towards God, and putting our faith (our 'weight') in Him.
  • Acts 17:16-33
    Richard explores how Paul engages the Greek context of Athens with the gospel, showing it to again be a fulfillment of everyone's greatest longings, the place where we find true significance, and encouraging us to follow Paul in sharing this Good News with those we interact with.
  • Acts 13:32-44
    Richard looks at Paul's presentation of the Good News in Pisidian Antioch, exploring how he shows that it is both news (rooted in the historical events of the life of Jesus) and good (fulfilling the deepest longings of every heart).