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  • [Abiding presence]: Connecting
    Bishop Sarah takes us back to the tower of Babel and humanity's desire to take control. She reflects on how the division then, when people lost their ability to understand one another, was reversed at Pentecost when the disciples shared the good news and all understood. The message was taken out to the ends of […]
  • [Abiding presence]: Building one another up
    Donna considers liminal spaces - moments of transition - and invites us to reflect on how God gives gifts for us to encourage one another. With a beautiful comparison from a Bushy Park encounter she commends us to welcome the uncertainty and trust God during the gaps so that we too can exclaim "I did […]
  • [Abiding presence]: Good things happen in the desert
    Donna encourages us to appreciate our times in the wilderness. She recalls her own times in physical deserts - in the Namib and Israel - and reflects on how we can appreciate such times. "Look up" and persevere, even if it feels like you're trudging through treacle, is her encouragement and recognise that such experiences […]
  • [Abiding presence]: Sober intoxication
    Donna encourages us to be intoxicated with the Holy Spirit; trusting in God to help us deal with the unexpected side swipes of life. Look around, listen and experience joy in these virus times - stepping out to speak with strangers and reaching out to those who we've lost touch with - taking risks and […]
  • [Abiding presence]: The Holy Spirit in Creation
    Donna begins our new series - 'Abiding Presence', where we take a look at the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. We start at the very beginning ("a very good place to start") - by exploring the role of the Holy Spirit in creation.