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  • [Nehemiah - called to rebuild]: living a more meaningful life
    Nehemiah was cupbearer to the king in title but in practice lived more like a prime minister than a servant. Dan reflects on why somebody so successful would make a 1000 mile across a desert to a city he'd never known. He shares from his own career in magic and reflects on another's $45bn giveaway […]
  • Expectation
    Karl welcomes us to 2021 with three main messages: 1. the gospel is good news for everyone, everywhere; 2. God is surprising; 3. Jesus is worth pursuing. Against a pandemic backdrop he highlights the injustices coronavirus has magnified, the lowly circumstances Jesus chose to be born into and the application of the wise men, who […]
  • Sharing hope
    Rachel invites us to contemplate how Mary and Elizabeth grew closer through their pregnancies. Mary, a young lady, when met by the angel Gabriel would have appreciated the provision of a friend to talk to as well as the promise of a son. She raced to Elizabeth to share her hope - may we do […]
  • Finding meaning in waiting
    Beginning with a poem Donna talks about the place of waiting and how through reflection we appreciate more what we need and what we've received - after this most unusual of years embrace the waiting this advent.
  • [Unquenchable worshipper]: Intention, attitude and abandon
    Donna talks about her own experiences of worship - from private, living room experiences to the much-missed mass participation of Summer festivals. She challenges us to think about our intentions (to honour another), our attitude (reverent not self-righteous) and our abandon (whole-hearted not half-hearted) and to look back at how Moses was so transformed through […]