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  • [God's empowering presence]: Romans 8:8-27 Where now?
    With reference to Rachel's companion sermon from December 2018 (, the narrow streets of Seville and the scent of gravy Richard explores this familiar passage afresh. Reflecting on the slave's longing for freedom, the joy at the end of childbirth, the welcome of adoption and the first fruits of harvest he points to the real […]
  • [God's empowering presence]: Acts 2:1-13 The big day
    Richard wishes us "Happy Pentecost" and takes us right back to Genesis, Ezekiel, Joel and Jeremiah to understand the anticipation of the first disciples. Whizzing through to a most modern tendency to "externalise problems" and "internalise solutions" ("search for the hero inside yourself") he shows how God did the opposite at Pentecost, reaching out to […]
  • [God's empowering presence]: Acts 1:1-11 Are you thinking big enough?
    Richard reflects on Christ's ascension. He considers the disciples expectation that Jesus would carry on after the resurrection as before.. but their thinking was too small. With referenct to Daniel 7 he encourages us to recognise and welcome God's rule over all.
  • [God's empowering presence]: Luke 3:21-22 and 4:1-21 Liberation
    Using snooker as a parallel, Revd Dr Steve Walton speaks of the Holy Spirit's effects in these passages as the "accompanying colours" alongside His "red ball" consistency. The Spirit's liberating role is elaborated with references to earlier Bible stories.
  • [God's empowering presence]: Luke 1: 26-45 Seeing, believing and acting
    We listen to a Christmas reading "out of context" and Richard highlights how Zachariah, Mary, Elizaebeth, Simeon and Anna were empowered by the Holy Spirit to see clearly, believe wisely and act courageously - we have the opportunity to do likewise.