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  • [Walk in the light]: 1 John 2:12-17 Right way round
    Starting with an unexpected yet memorable act of honour and service on a goose farm in the great plains of Hungaria, Richard considers how similarly bamboozling Christianity may appear to be. Following a baptism, he unpacks the gift, invitation and response at the heart of John's letter that is the opposite of many people's expectations […]
  • [Walk in the light]: 1 John 2:3-14 Being in the family
    Richard unpicks the confusion of whether it is works (it isn't) or grace (it is) that puts us in God's family. He talks about the sufficiency of grace and examines how John challenges us to tell the truth about who we are, whose family we now belong to, through our behaviour - loving across differences.
  • [Walk in the light]: 1 John 1:5-2:2 The God who rescues
    Richard considers life, leaning ladders and the wall in this sermon on 1 John. Will the ladder bear your weight? Is it leaning against the right wall? Could you make it up every rung? He invites us to reflect on which ladder we're climbing and who is at the centre of our universe.
  • [Walk in the light]: 1 John 1:1-4 Life that is unbreakable
    Bishop Graham delivers the first of a new sermon series on 1 John. Having contemplated the life that pulses through us all whilst on holiday in Portugal he shares his key reflections: true life is eternal, relational and personal - and leads to joy.
  • [(S)heroes of faith]: 1 Samuel 1 Hannah
    "Prayer is a mystery not a vending machine." David looks at how Hannah's faith at a time of deep anguish enabled God's purpose to be fulfilled. Despite the provocation of another household member she turned to God rather than retaliate. Hannah received peace initially and afterwards children, the firstborn of whom, Samuel, she gave back […]