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  • Identity: Fellowship
    Richard looks at the start of 1 John, and the language of 'fellowship' (business partnership)with God and each other, into which we are invited.
  • Identity: Ambassadors
    Jez explores Paul's image of Christians as 'ambassadors' of Christ's reconciliation in 2 Corinthians 5, placing it in tension with his earlier imagery of being prisoners of war. We draw people to our victorious king, not through our impressive strength, but through our humble weakness.
  • Identity: Fruitful
    Rachel Wooden looks at The fruit Of The Spirit in Galatians 5, exploring how it is an invitation for us, together as Christ's people, to walk in the way of His Spirit and so become like Him.
  • Identity - Human
    Jez continues our Identity series, looking at how being a Christian is a call back to the fullness of our created humanity, something that can provide meaning to all that we do.
  • Identity: Priests
    Richard examines the image of Christians as 'a royal priesthood and a holy nation', from 1 Peter 2.