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  • [Parables - the power of story telling]: Grace in a vineyard
    Jon draw us into a tale about a vineyard and ponders how we apply it to ourselves today. Did we choose where we born, when we were born, to whom we were born, with what we born? Clearly not yet so much of what we accomplish is dependent on what we have been gifted with. […]
  • [Parables - the power of story telling]: Seeing the extraordinary through the ordinary
    Rachel "rings the doorbell" with prayer - unlayering the complexity by explaining how Jesus spoke about God as neighbour and father. She uses the modern parallel of egg-sharing during lockdown to highlight the "shameless audacity" in the bible story of waking a neighbour to help a friend. She then goes on to clarify that God […]
  • [Parables - the power of story telling]: An unlikely hero
    Linz starts with a gutfelt reaction to the familiar good Samaritan tale - what would you do if you saw somebody battered and bleeding on the road? She references our hero's pro-activity, pity and generosity - with his time, his resources and his attention. He is an example of selflessness Jesus exhorts us to follow […]
  • [Parables - the power of story telling]: A mere mustard seed
    Charles talks about how spectacular growth can suddenly emerge from seeming insignificance. The kingdom is God's kingdom and it grows without needing our attention - though we might feel less able to contribute during lockdown God's kingdom is growing anyway. Captain Tom's remarkable story is an example of how simply doing what we can can […]
  • [Parables - the power of story telling]: What is God stirring in your imagination?
    Rachel prepares us for new things ahead. She separates imagination from fact and points out that faith leads to fact but is often based on fiction - what we believe not just what we know. She talks about the parable of the 99 sheep and how the shepherd rejoiced over the 1 lost sheep - […]