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  • [Jesus Revealed:] A Colourful Ancestry
    As we start a new series taking a fresh look at Jesus in Matthew's gospel, Richard starts where Matthew starts: with the Genealogy! In this list of the good, bad and ugly ancestry of Jesus, Richard explores how King Jesus is shown to be good news for everyone in this equally mixed world.
  • Life As It Was Supposed To Be
    Jez reflects on Jesus appearing to Thomas, and examines how Jesus represents Life as it was supposed to be: no longer plastic, impotent and fragile; a Life He offers to each of us.
  • Don't Be Afraid (Palm Sunday, Youth Service)
    Richard explores how Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on a donkey means (quoting the prophecy from the Old Testament which he fulfilled) that we don't have to be afraid of our greatest enemy, death.
  • [Images of the Cross]: Redemption
    Jez concludes our series looking at different images the bible uses to help us understand what happened at the cross. This week we look at the image of being bought (and brought) out of slavery.
  • [Images of the Cross]: Reconciliation
    Rachel continues our series running up to Easter, looking at what Christ accomplished on the cross. This week, she looks at how he restored our relationship with God, along with that of the whole universe.