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November 17th, 2019 

The Ark & the Tent

Exodus 25 – 31, 35-40 

Material for this week below

This week’s material is, on the face of it, one of those passages that makes you want to poke your eyes out with a stick. [You’ll notice I only linked to the short version of God’s instructions regarding the Ark – if you have time to read the whole passage let me know what it says 😉 ] Why would we want to focus on these minutiae?! But, aside from a discussion about how many cubits to the metre, it opens up a discussion about our attitude when we approach God. We are lucky to call him Father, and we encourage our children that, because of the new covenant and the death and resurrection of Jesus, they can approach our God whenever and wherever they are. It would, however, be a mistake never to remind them of how great and powerful, and worthy of our praise, worship and adoration our God truly is. Just because we don’t have to approach him with reverence, doesn’t mean that we don’t sometimes want to.