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  • [Jesus Revealed] Jesus the Greater Jonah
    Mat 12:38-42 Jez looks at Jesus's claim to be the New Jonah, in the miracle of his resurrection, the scope of his mission, and the response which he demands. He invites us to respond with our intellect, our agenda, and our hearts.
  • [Jesus Revealed]: Are You The Christ? Matt. 11:1-6
    Richard invites us, alongside John the Baptist, to see who Jesus is through His life-changing words, miraculous signs and message of Good News.
  • [Jesus Revealed]: Filled with the Spirit's Love and Compassion
    On Pentecost Sunday, Rachel looks at what it means for the Spirit to fill us with the love and compassion of Jesus as we go out into His Harvest Field. Note: The video referred to at the start can be viewed here:
  • [Jesus Revealed]: Healed by Following
    Jez looks at the calling of Matthew in Mat 9:9-13, exploring how it set up to be a healing miracle. Our response to God's call, whether for the first time or as a daily decision, is part of a healing process he is performing in our lives.
  • [Jesus Revealed]: Building your house on a rock
    Continuing our series looking at Jesus in the book of Matthew, Jon looks at the parable of the wise and foolish builders (Matthew 7) and considers what it means to not just hear Jesus's words but put them into practice.