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  • [(S)heroes of faith]: Genesis 21:1-7 - Sarah
    Rachel opens a new sermon series by introducing Sarah as "the mother of our faith". With references to Lazarus and laughter she draws out the lessons we can all learn from Sarah's experiences - is anything too hard for God?
  • [God's empowering presence]: John 14:15-27 You are to be my home
    What happens when God makes you his home? Concluding this series, Richard parallels the loss one feels when a friend leaves with the disciples "loss" of Jesus (in bodily form) and their subsequent experience of the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit we, like the disciples, learn to live like him and learn to listen […]
  • [God's empowering presence]: Acts 2:42-3:10 A taste of what's to come
    Richard grapples with questions about healing - why does it happen, why does it happen and how then should we pray? He encourages us to be open, honest and raw with God, trusting that he is with us and will one day restore all things.
  • [God's empowering presence]: Gal. 5:16-26 Journeying with the Spirit
    With references to colour-changing minions and Total Wipeout as well as Act 15 and Romans 13 Fi reacquaints us with this familiar passage and the contrasting views it includes of "Despicable me" led by self and the fruit-filled community that is led by the Spirit.
  • [God's empowering presence]: Romans 8:8-27 Where now?
    With reference to Rachel's companion sermon from December 2018 (, the narrow streets of Seville and the scent of gravy Richard explores this familiar passage afresh. Reflecting on the slave's longing for freedom, the joy at the end of childbirth, the welcome of adoption and the first fruits of harvest he points to the real […]