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  • [Letters from prison]: Sharing in God's grace
    In the first of a new series Richard challenges us all, as Paul did to the Philippians, to evaluate "who do you think you are?". He encourages us: - to live generously, since we belong together; - to live resiliently, since no one should expect an easy ride; and, - to live simply a godly […]
  • Joshua 3: Reflecting on the past to build confidence for the future
    Richard commentates on a live re-enactment of the miraculous crossing of the river Jordan. He reflects on God's reminders and how important it is we remember 2018 as we enter 2019. From the "gold box" ark and it's contents - a staff (leadership), a pot of manna (provision) and two tablets (rules to live by) […]
  • Luke 2: 22-35 Simeon sees salvation
    In a short sermon Richard reflects on how Simeon recognised an infant in an instant as our saviour. Using Christmas imagery he talks about how we make the everyday (pine branch) special (decoration) and use candles (light) to point to Jesus as we already start thinking about the significance of Easter...
  • [Get Connected]: Prayer as a gift
    Richard explains why prayer should be treated as a gift (rather than a duty or a skill) to help us put the pieces of our lives together and join in with God "in his name". He takes us from inappropriate prayers - e.g. for an open top, racing green Aston Martin - to being regularly […]
  • [Get Connected]: Phil. 4: 4-9 A healthy Christian life
    Richard works backwards through this passage, chewing over what it means to live a healthy Christian life amidst a YouTube generation. He exhorts us to: emulate wisely, think deliberately, pray confidently and rejoice constantly; celebrating what we know to be true.