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  • [Servant songs]: Isaiah 49: 1-6 Role of the servant
    Dave looks at the servant's role from three perspectives - the author's, Jesus's and ours. Using examples from modern (waiters needing to pay more attention) to ancient (the Roman centurion who was first to recognise Jesus for who he is after his death) we are encouraged to reflect on Israel's, Christ's and our own calling […]
  • [Servant songs]: Isaiah 42 The servant of the Lord
    Richard introduces a five session series on "servant songs" and considers three big questions relating to reality, judgement and hope. He sets Isaiah's message in context and explains how the prophet provides clarity and perspective - then (2,500 years ago) and now - appealing to us to live with joyful freedom within God's purposes.
  • [Letters from prison]: Phil. 4 Contentment and generosity
    Rachel considers the contentment of Paul and the secret of generosity. With reference to exercise, money and bunnies she uses Google and Amazon to uncover popular searches and solutions for happiness. She goes on to unpack how Paul's contentment stemmed from his friendship with Jesus and reminds us that our generosity should be a natural […]
  • Psalm 24 - Show the love
    In this family service Richard encourages us to practically live out prayer by showing care for our World. From contemplating an orchid to writing to your MP he considers practical ways to get involved and talks about All Souls role as an eco church.
  • [Letters from prison]: {PARTIAL} Phil. 3:4-14 Are you feeling joyful?
    Prayers and the first few minutes of today's sermon when Richard reflects on the differences between deep joy and mere happiness.