The Ivybridge Estate is home to people from many different countries.

English Project, which takes place on Thursday afternoons, has grown out of a clear need for more flexible learning opportunities for local women.   Some have lived on the estate for many years, but not had the chance to attend a formal English class, due to family or childcare needs or for financial reasons.  We support learners with a wide range of language levels, from those who can’t speak a sentence of English, to others are trying to improve their knowledge of reading and writing.

Jen Causley, our ESOL Community Worker, leads and equips a team of volunteers who each work with a small group of learners at a level that suits them.  It’s not all work, however, and we organise occasional outings as well as a ‘bring and share’ party at the end of each term, which helps in building a positive sense of community on this multi-cultural estate.