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The Great Banquet (21 August 2016)

Jez talks us through Jesus's story of the Great Banquet in Luke 14:12-24.

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A Coalition Christmas

Helene's quirky and funny Christmas cards have become a feature of All Souls year - here are her most recent two to enjoy.

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The Last Post

I was delighted to be able to welcome the local Cubs and Scouts packs to All Souls on the eve of Remembrance day – last Wednesday – to spend some time at our War Memorial and to talk about its significance. In a great follow-up to the piece we published […]

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Louise’s sermon – 28th October 2007

Unknown to those of us listening that Sunday morning in 2007, Louise had, just days' before she preached this sermon, heard of her diagnosis with bone cancer.

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The teacher taught

Son to returning vicar-Dad (i.e. St to me)…
Son: “How did Alpha go tonight?

Dad: “Really well, thanks!”

Son: “Did you learn lots?”

Dad: “Well, actually, I was the one doing the teaching.”

Son (with a slight sigh): “…but teachers learn too!!”
…um, yes, quite – a pretty good question for preachers and teachers: What did […]

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Alternative recycling

Thanks to Gareth – friend of our resident cartoonist, Helene – for this riff on my recent bike loss (not the first – hopefully the last for sometime)… Nice one, especially with 10:10:10 coming up (more on that soon)!

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A huge thanks to those who helped on Saturday morning with a ‘spot of digging’…

A team from All Souls showed up at the weekend to spend a few hours clearing old bits of rubble, stone and brick from the ground outside the Kirkstone Lodge old people’s home on the Ivybridge […]

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If Noah lived in Brentford

All Souls member (PCC Secretary, expert hat wearer, Welsh Eisteddfod attender etc.) Helene was our correspondent at the flood of Brentford (should probably be called ‘Part II’ following the burst water main earlier this Summer).

Here’s her photo from a few days ago looking out of the window – and, no, […]

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Corporate Storytelling

A double reason for this post – first a new presentation tool that shows Powerpoint (and its imitators) up for being the stuck-in-the-mud creativity-squisher it really is. It’s called Prezi and I’m aching to preach using it… hmmm…

In the meantime, though, their showcase of presentations includes this take on ‘corporate […]

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What if..?

A provocative – thought-provoking and challenging, rather than offensive – video from the breathe network.

Watch, ponder – perhaps show to your homegroup and see what conversation comes?

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