The most important thing (4th May 2014 – pm)

Calum Lindsay asks what is the most important thing to you in life, and reads from 1 Corinthians 15 by Paul the Apostle.

The Resurrection makes sense (27th April 2014 – am)

Richard Frank looks at the resurrection and reads from Luke chapter 24.

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Jesus is betrayed (6th April 2014 – am)

Calum Lindsay reads from Luke 22 where Jesus is betrayed by Judas and denied by Peter.

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Don’t get wrath all wrong (30th March 2014 – am)

Richard Frank continues the series looking at Matthew 36 where Jesus is overcome with sorrow in Gethsemene.

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The Last Supper / First Supper (23rd March 2014 – pm)

Calum Lindsay looks at the The Last Supper – the preparation, anticipation, celebration and participation.

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Jesus – Arrival and Authority (16th March 2014 – pm)

Richard Frank continues looking at Luke chapter 19 in the run up to Easter



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Jesus – Journey into Jerusalem (9th March 2014)

New series walking with Jesus on his journey towards the cross, taking us up to Holy Week which this year starts on April 13th (Palm Sunday)


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Jesus and…Money (23rd February 2014)

David looks at the subject of money and finances.

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Jesus and… Health (16th February 2014 – am)

Richard Frank looks at the subject of Jesus and health.

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Jesus and… Death (9th February 2014 – pm)

Richard Frank looks at John 11 and the attitude of Jesus to death.

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